Third Grade

Social Studies Units

Digging into the Past
The First People
Settling Michigan
Economic Development
Michigan's Citizens and Government

Pacing Guide


Resources to be Purchased for Third Grade Social Studies Units

Primary Authors of the Third Grade Units

Lacey Wilkins - Arbor Academy
Kathy Blaauw - Athens Area Schools
Linda Brown - Coldwater Community Schools
Kathy Harris - Harper Creek Community Schools
Brianna Jagger - Hillsdale Community Schools
Wanda Holland - Hillsdale Community Schools
Lisa Stone - Lakeview School District
Michelle Albrecht - Marshall Academy
Tim Rupp - Marshall Public Schools
Traci Simmons - Olivet Community Schools
Shelley Sidnam - Pennfield School District
Johanna Vosburg - Union City Community Schools

Contributing Authors
Jen Squires - Arbor Academy
Debbie Winchell - Homer Community Schools
Christine McLain - Marshall Public Schools
Tiffany Welch - Union City Community Schools