Sixth Grade

Social Studies Units

Five Themes of Geography and Mapping
Canada and the United States
South America
Central America

Pacing Guide

Resources to be Purchased for Sixth Grade Social Studies Units

Primary Authors of the Sixth Grade Units

Karen Withrow - Arbor Academy
Marty Cleveland - Delton Kellogg Schools
Duane Hornbeck - Delton Kellogg Schools
Mary Ann Cox - Marshall Public Schools
Jan Elyea - Marshall Public Schools
Brandon Peters - Marshall Public Schools
Spencer Kahly - Pennfield School District
Mike McGuire - Pennfield School District

Contributing Authors
Winifred Mackaluso - Athens Area Schools
Sherry Bean - Coldwater Community Schools
Mary Farwell - Coldwater Community Schools
Angela Parshall - Lakeview School District
Sherri Losey - Quincy Community Schools
Megan Kempter - Quincy Community Schools