Fifth Grade Native Americans and Explorers Unit

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All updated Native Americans and Explorers Unit documents (except assessment and linked documents) in one PDF:


Individual Lesson Documents:


REVISED 5-17-12

Book List

Lesson 1 - Migration Routes of the First Americans

REVISED 5-17-12

Outline Map of the World

Kennewick Man Video (55 minutes, must log into Discovery Education)

Lesson 2 - Native American Cultures

REVISED 5-17-12

U.S. Native Americans Outline Map

Video: American Heritage-Native Americans

Discovery Education Videos:

Lesson 3 - Early European Exploration

REVISED 5-17-12

REVISED 5-17-12

Map of Silk Road

Link to Marco Polo video

Link to Christopher Columbus video

Link to Christopher Columbus and the New World video

Link to video: Exploring the World-the Portuguese Explorers

Lesson 4 - African Life Before the 16th Century

REVISED 5-17-12

Ancient West African History Website

Link to Native Americans and Explorers Assessment