Seventh Grade Europe Unit

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NEW 6-10: All Europe unit documents (except assessment and linked documents) in one PDF:


NEW 6-10

Lesson 1 - European Geography

NEW 8-09

NEW 12-09

Political Map of Europe

Map of European Regions

European Regions Map-Physical

Europe Climate Map

Lesson 2 - Mapping Population in Europe NEW 8-09

Outline Map of Europe

Michigan Population Distribution Map

Europe Population Distribution Map

Lesson 3 - Medieval Europe

NEW 8-09

Medieval Economy Site

Medieval Economy Video

Medieval Government Site I

Medieval Government Site II

Town governments

Medieval Arts and Entertainment Website

Medieval Health

Medieval Housing

Medieval Cathedrals

Medieval Religion Site I

Medieval Religion Site II

Medieval Religion Video

Lesson 4 - Renaissance Europe

NEW 8-09

Overview Website

Age of Exploration Video

Exploration and Trade

Exploration and Trade II

Renaissance Government I

Renaissance Government II

Gutenberg Site

Gutenberg Video

Architecture Site

Painting Site

da Vinci video

Reformation Video

Renaissance Religion Site I

Renaissance Religion Site II

Lesson 5 - The Industrial Revolution

NEW 8-09

ADDED 6-10

Industrial Revolution Economy Website I

Industrial Revolution Economy Video I

Industrial Revolution Economy Video II

Industrial Revolution Government Website I

Industrial Revolution Culture Video I

Industrial Revolution Culture Website I

Industrial Revolution Religion Video I

Industrial Revolution Religion Video Ii

Industrial Revolution Website I

Lesson 6 - European Government Today

NEW 8-09

Youtube video “50 Years EU

Lesson 7 - European Economy Today

NEW 8-09
ADDED 6-10


Lesson 8 - Graphing Economic Change

NEW 8-09

Lesson 9 - Religion and Culture in Europe Today

NEW 8-09

Europe Today Religion Website I

Lesson 10 - Europe Capstone Project

NEW 8-09

NEW 9-11

Link to Europe Assessment