Eighth Grade

Social Studies Units

Please note: The eighth grade units are in the process of significant revision and they should be considered "a work in progress." We welcome teachers to add to the lessons and contribute suggestions for improvement.

Revolution and The New Nation
Expansion and Reform
Civil War and Reconstruction
Development of an Industrial, Urban, and Global US
Public Discourse and Decision-Making

Pacing Guide


Primary Authors of the Eighth Grade Units

Erik Richards - Coldwater Community Schools
Dave Johnson - Harper Creek Community Schools
Holly Blashfield - Homer Community Schools
Bob Burcaw - Olivet Community Schools
Julie Cordier - Olivet Community Schools
Laura Simmons - Pennfield School District

Contributing Authors
Chuck Truex - Athens Area Schools
Kim O'Mara - Hastings Area School District
Don Bussler - Lakeview School District
Heath Otto - Olivet Community Schools
Beth Karney - Quincy Community Schools
Larry Moore - Quincy Community Schools