Eighth Grade Civil War and Reconstruction (Era 5) Unit

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NEW 6-10: All Civil War and Reconstruction documents (except assessment and linked documents) in one PDF:


NEW 4-09

Lesson 1-Is Bigger Better?

NEW 4-09

Map of USA in 1850

Webster's "Rope of Sand" speech

Lesson 2-Can't We All Just Get Along?

NEW 4-09

Missouri Compromise

Compromise of 1850

Lesson 3-Consequences of Compromise

NEW 4-09

Map of Free and Slave States

Additional Map of Free and Slave States

Slave and Free Areas 1790 and 1860

Information on the Grimke sisters

Angelina Grimke Weld's Speech at Pennsylvania Hall

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Garrison's "The Liberator"

Walker's "Appeal"

Three Speeches from Frederick Douglass

Lesson 4-War is Hell

NEW 4-09

Oultine Map of United States

Civil War Overview PowerPoint

Sherman's March

Lesson 5-Picking Up the Pieces

NEW 4-09

Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments

Image of Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

Image of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

Thomas Nast Cartoon

Cartoon Analysis Worksheet

Lesson 6-To Be a Slave

NEW 4-09

Link to Civil War and Reconstruction Unit Assessment