Sixth Grade Canada and the United States Unit

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All Canada and the United States unit documents (except assessment and linked documents) in one PDF:



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Lesson 1-Mapping

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NEW 9-11

Map of Canada with Labels

Map of Canada-No Labels

Lesson 2-Canada's Physical Regions

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Map of Canada's Regions

Region Research Project Student Task

Lesson 3-Peopling of the Earth

NEW 4-09

Did First Americans Arrive by Land and Sea?

Lesson 4-Native Americans

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Lesson 5-Exploration

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Early Explorers of Canada

Explorers of Canada

Hall of Explorers

European Explorers of the New World

Pathfinders and Passageways:the Exploration of Canada

Lesson 6-Cultural Struggles in Canada Throughout History

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Dipity: Timeline Maker


Lesson 7-Economy and Trade of Canada


The Fur Trade Lesson Plan

Exploration, the Fur Trade and Hudson's Bay Company

CIA: World Factbook

The Importance of Trade from Social Studies for Kids

Lesson 8-Canada's Government

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Lesson 9-Canada-Current Events

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Stories about the Fur Trade

Sixth Grade Canada Unit Assessment