Seventh Grade Ancient Civilizations and Classical Empires Unit

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Note: This unit contains numerous website and resource links, which are now included below.


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Lesson 1 - Classroom Timeline

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Outline Map of Eastern Hemisphere

Mesopotamia Map

Ancient Egypt Map

Harappa Map

Shang Dynasty Map

Ancient Greece Map

Roman Empire Map

Lesson 2 - City-State Civilization or Empire

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City-State Website

Civilization Website

Empire Website

Greece Website

Sparta Website

Rome Website

Sumer Website

Lesson 3 - Mesopotamia

NEW 8-09

Meso. Communication Website I

Meso. Communication Video I

Meso. Religion Website I

Meso. Religion Video I

Build your own Ziggurat

Meso. Government Website I

Meso. Government Video I

Hammurabi’s Code Situations

Meso. Technology Website I

Meso. Technology Video I

Meso. Technology Video II

Meso. Daily Life Website I

Meso. Daily Life Video I

Lesson 4 - Ancient Egypt

NEW 8-09

Egypt Communication Website I

Egypt Communication Website II

Egypt Religion Site I

Egypt Religion Site II

Egypt Religion Site III

Mummification Activity

Egypt Government Website I

Egypt Government Website II

Egypt Technology Website I

Egypt Pyramid Video I

Egypt Pyramid Builder Game

Egypt Technology Video II

Egypt Daily Life Website I

Egypt Daily Life Website II

Egypt Daily Life Website III

Lesson 5 - Harappa

NEW 8-09

India Communication Site I

India Communication Site II

India Communication Site III

India Religion Site I

India Religion Site II

India Government Site I

India Government Site II

India Technology Site I

India Technology Site II

India Technology Video I

India Daily Life Site I

India Daily Life Site II

Lesson 6 - Ancient China

NEW 8-09

Video: The Lost Empires of Asia and Russia

Lesson 7 - Greek City-States

NEW 8-09

Overview Website I

Overview Video I

Overview Video II

Athens government site I

Spartan government site I

Athens religion site I

Athens religion site II

Athens religion site III

Sparta religion site I

Athens communication site I

Athens communication video I

Sparta communication site I

Sparta communication video I

Athens technology site I

Athens technology site II

Spartan technology site I

Spartan technology site II

Athens labor / social structure site I

Spartan labor / social structure site II

Lesson 8 - Foundations of Democracy

NEW 8-09

Video: Ancient Athens

Ancient Civilizations videos: Video One Video Two

Lesson 9 - Ancient Rome

NEW 8-09

Ancient //Rome// Daily Life Site

Roman Numerals

Ancient Latin

Roman Writing

Lesson 10 - Ancient Civilizations

NEW 8-09

Link to Ancient Civilizations and Classical Empires Assessment