Welcome to the Calhoun ISD Social Studies Curriculum Site!

In Summer, 2012 the following updates were made to grades K-5:
  • Most recent updates to documents are identified in GREEN.
  • The updated order form for the most up-to-date editions is below:

We hope you enjoy exploring and using this curriculum. The creation of this curriculum has been a collaborative effort by the following schools and districts in Southwest Michigan between 2008-2012:
  • Albion Public Schools
  • Arbor Academy
  • Athens Area Schools
  • Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools
  • Bellevue Community Schools
  • Bronson Community Schools
  • Coldwater Community Schools
  • Delton-Kellogg Schools
  • Harper Creek Community Schools
  • Hastings Area School System
  • Hillsdale Community Schools
  • Homer Community Schools
  • Lakeview School District
  • MarLee School
  • Marshall Public Schools
  • Marshall Academy
  • Olivet Community Schools
  • Pennfield Schools
  • Quincy Community Schools
  • Union City Community Schools

Help Documents:

What you should know:

  • This curriculum is meant to be complete and independent of textbooks. Most needed materials are either included, or links to them are provided. It is worthwhile to download and print all materials for a unit ahead of time to make them easy to use.
  • In the "Lessons Breakdown" document for each unit, you will find a listing of "needed resources" that are not included and will need to be accessed or collected before the lessons are taught. These additional resources have been kept to a minimum, and there is a complete listing for each grade on its home page. This document is called "Resources to be Purchased."
  • Documents that have been revised or are new are indicated, along with the posting date.
  • All the most updated documents for each unit have been combined in one PDF, to be found at the top of the unit page. This will speed download and printing.
  • The revision teams will be on hiatus in 2012-2013 as we await Common Core standards for social studies.